Meet Liber Diablos ...



The strange circumstances under which we acquired the "Krausemueller estate"

But never before, have we encountered anything with such powers of evil as this.

If the Powers of the Dark frighten you.

If the very existence of an object with this magnitude of Power disturbs you.

If the thought of such Demonic Powers being used for unspeakable Evil intents sickens you and turns your stomach.

Then read no further.

But if you seek to be a Master of an Object with Incredible Powers beyond human imagination, then read on.

We have since been able to translate some of what the priest hastily carved into the lid of the box. It is a mix of Latin, English, and some language that appears very ancient; completely unknown to me. "Liber Diabolus" is Latin, and loosely translated means, "Child of the Devil". The numbers, "666", are of course the numbers of the devil. The other symbols, are in the language that I have been unable to translate.

Her Box ... Her hands ...

We removed the doll once more, to do the pictures, and this time as I held it, I heard a voice coming from the doll, not in words, but in my mind. It seemed to be a different presence then the one inhabiting the doll. I asked whom I was speaking to, but they only would say that they were the "Messenger". The voice said that I was indeed holding a doll in which the spirit of a child of the devil occupied. The voice said that the devil himself could be summoned, by reciting an incantation, and he recited to me what that incantation was. He said that by reciting the incantation, and summoning the devil, his dark powers could be used by whomever person had possession of the doll; powers of darkness beyond human imagination.

I know that this doll is not intended for me, as I am not inclined to explore any further its powers of darkness and evil. Now I know why the tree was so hideous and ugly; it had been absorbing the evil powers for as long as the box and doll had been there. I do not know how old the box or doll is, or when it was buried, but the tree is much bigger than when I saw it in my vision, and yet, the box is relatively intact, so it could not have been for too long of a time. Now that it is gone from the roots of the tree absorbing its evil powers, I do not know where the evil energy will go.

I feel that in the wrong hands, this doll could be used to wreak untold havoc upon the world, and it should not be allowed to fall into the possession of someone who would be inclined to unleash its wicked powers. I believe that this doll is intended for a certain person; someone who is well versed in demonology, and all that may entail. If you feel especially drawn to this object, then perhaps it is you, for whom it is intended.

I will give the words of the Incantation and instructions of how to use the doll to summon "The Evil One" himself, as related to me by the "Messenger", Whatever happens then, is in your hands.

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